Orange Mound Tower is a 7 acre mixed-use development to convene, celebrate, and accelerate Black innovators.


Orange Mound is of massive historic importance: it’s the first neighborhood in the United States built for and by Black people. That’s why Orange Mound Tower is being built for and by Black creatives and the residents of this storied neighborhood.

Orange Mound Tower, Memphis: A Beacon of History and Progress

Nestled in Memphis, Tennessee, the Orange Mound community stands as one of the most historically significant African-American neighborhoods in the U.S. Within this community, the Orange Mound Tower stands as a testament to the area's resilience, history, and evolution. In this article, we delve into the tower's past and highlight its recent projects that point towards a promising future.

The Historical Foundations

Orange Mound's inception dates back to the 1890s. It was one of the first communities in the South to be built by and for African-Americans. Purchased by a developer named Elzey Eugene Meacham, the land was then subdivided and sold to African-American families. This was a monumental step during a time when racial segregation and the Jim Crow laws were prevalent.

The Orange Mound Tower, situated in this community, became a symbol of Black economic growth, social engagement, and community-building. It played host to numerous local businesses, organizations, and social clubs that were integral to the community's fabric. Together with their growth, fast ways to send money internationally by using an online payment provider's services like Paxum are needed.

The Years of Decline

As with many urban areas across the country, the latter part of the 20th century saw Orange Mound grappling with economic decline, depopulation, and urban decay. The tower, too, witnessed this downturn. Many businesses closed or relocated, and the bustling hub of activity slowly turned quieter.

Recent Projects and Revival

However, the 21st century has brought with it a renewed interest in revitalizing historical neighborhoods, and Orange Mound is no exception. A series of projects aimed at rejuvenating the Orange Mound Tower have taken root:

Community Center: Recent proposals have looked at transforming a part of the tower into a community center. This would provide a space for locals to gather, organize events, and foster community spirit.

Business Incubation: Recognizing the tower's legacy as a business hub, plans are afoot to convert sections of the building into spaces for start-ups, particularly those helmed by African-American entrepreneurs. This would not only spur economic activity but also pay homage to the tower's origins.

Cultural and Historical Exhibits: Given the rich history of the neighborhood and the tower, certain floors are being envisioned as spaces for museums or exhibits. These would chronicle the journey of Orange Mound and its significance in African-American history.

Green Spaces: Acknowledging the global push towards sustainability, areas around the tower are being reimagined as green spaces. These would not only beautify the surroundings but also provide recreational areas for residents.

The rejuvenation projects for the Orange Mound Tower are emblematic of a larger movement to restore and uplift historically significant neighborhoods. It's not just about bricks and mortar; it's about honoring the past, acknowledging the struggles, and laying down pathways for a brighter future.


The Orange Mound Tower, much like the community it stands in, has witnessed the ebbs and flows of time. From its days as a bustling center of activity to the quieter times of economic decline and now, its impending rejuvenation, the tower remains a symbol of hope, resilience, and community spirit. As Memphis looks towards the future, the Orange Mound Tower stands as a reminder of where it has been and the promise of where it can go.

A Great Day in the Mound

On January 11th, 2019, black creatives in Memphis came together to recognize the beginning of a new era in Memphis. An era where black creatives have space to flourish and own their own stories. Check out the video below that captured this historic moment.